Independent Building Advice (IBA)
has changed the way people go about building a home in Perth!

If you don't need the stress of building and just want someone to take care of it all for you.
Then we have the service for you.

We know how to navigate the crazy waters of plans, builders, processes, colour and construction. Our Expert Building Brokers will do it all for you and save you a small fortune at the same time.

"Build a custom designed home with the right builder at the best price"

We work for you, not the builder.

Independent Building Advice is here to get the best price, service and quality for your home. We do this by designing your home, then tendering it to numerous builders to get the best results for you.

You can go to numerous builders yourself and try and navigate the builder jungle or you can enlist building industry experts to champion your home for you.  

With a team of industry experts behind you (that’s us!), you have the best chance of getting great results. We understand what makes a home design great, what things really cost, builder lingo, the councils, the system, the processes and most importantly how to make it all work for you. 

We expertly design your home to suit your lifestyle and your budget.
We compare specifications of each builder.
We shortlist builders that best suit your home’s build. 
We negotiate on your behalf with your interests in mind.
We stay with you all the way to help you whenever you need it. 
We are on your team, helping you build the home you have always dreamt about. 

Sound too good to be true?
Well, it is very very true.  Let's have a chat about how we can best help you. 

Independent Building Advice is an unbiased resource to aid home buyers in building a great home and love the journey. We do this by being in the buyer’s corner all the way. 

We have directly helped over 600 families buy a new home and indirectly thousands.

The knowledge we have accrued over the years will absolutely improve your building journey and outcome.

It costs no more to use our service than going directly to builders.

Avoid this...

We have industry insights...

We meet and discuss your ideas, plans and vision. We explain the process, hidden costs and timeframes. From here we recommend ways to make it real, amazing and on budget. 

We can design your home for you or you can choose from a range of designers we recommended or you can source your own. 

We shortlist 2-3 builders that we feel will best suit you. They must provide good service, quality and value for money. Most importantly they need to be good people. 

We match up the inclusions of each builder and compare the differences to provide you with clarity in what you are getting. We compare ‘apples with apples’.

We help you narrow down to one builder based on service, specification and price. We then all meet to make sure we’re all a good fit for each other. If it works, we get started. 

We are here to help you throughout the build not just at the start. We have no doubt our years of industry experience will improve your journey and your home. 

Don't speak to a builder until you have spoken to us. We typically save our clients $10,000 - $40,000

What Our Clients Have to Say

Until I found Independent Building Advice I found the whole building process to be overwhelming - the knowledge we got from the tutorials gave us the confidence to build. The course being broken up into sections and available in the order we wanted allowed us to access the right information when we needed it and not too much information at once. The training was informative and easy to follow - and I referred back to when I needed it. Once you have decided to build, completing the tutorials Is invaluable. Even a year down the track the information is still there and so helpful.
Annie H
From Beeliar
We had signed up with a builder and everything was going great.
When we got the kitchen plans back, the builder had changed it and we hated it. They tried to push us to just accept it.
We were not sure what to do. Our friends suggested one thing but we were not sure. We reached out to Behan and the IBA crew. They redesigned the kitchen to work better within the builder’s requirements and then told us what to do and say.
Today we’re living in a kitchen we love thanks to IBA.
Kristy O
From Southern River
Behan brought 20+ years of being immersed in the home building industry to our project. From lifestyle considerations when choosing layouts and finishings to insightful knowledge about every stage of the process, his advice really helped us navigate the complexities of building - most importantly, knowing the motivations of the builder and when to ask the right questions.
Jerome L
From Balga
After we’d had our house designed and had chosen our builder we started getting advice from lots of sources and from friends & family. Most of this was conflicting or very confusing . Bringing Independent Building Advice in allowed us to focus back on what we wanted and also understand what was realistic. With their experience we were also able to include items we hadn’t even thought of and rearrange a few items that could have cost us thousands in variations during the build.
Andrew S
From Kensington

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