BEST CONTRACT HOME $380,000 - $450,000

This is the building journey of Liz and Angus, detailing their experiences with the industry, IBA, and the builder.

"Overall we had a great building experience and I would build again, but only with IBA in our corner. Highly recommended – it’s worth it! We are very happy!"

Angus and Liz’s building experience in their own words

It has been just over a year since we first started working with IBA and we have just moved into our amazing new custom home. IBA’s mission is to make building a good experience, and after going through the whole journey start to end with IBA, we can confidently say this has been true for us.

Why we engaged IBA:

We knew we were not building experts, despite the significant amount of research we did ourselves. This is why we engaged IBA to guide us through our building journey as a third party advisor. Behan knows the industry inside out, and was an invaluable source to sense check any uncertainties with.

Home design:

Behan did our home design, and included many of our lifestyle preferences and factors. The design process was great, with a healthy amount of challenging to keep us honest and reasonable, not to mention the design was done in a way to reduce building costs with clever tricks. We’re now living in this design for over a week, and very happy with the personalised result.

Build tender:

IBA tendered and obtained 3 building quotes to us. These were presented like for like in terms of specification of the same design so that it would be comparable. However, based on working with us as clients and level of detail and service we desired, he recommended the builder he thought to be the best fit for us – one we had never heard of before. This builder was not the cheapest option, but ended up being a great fit for us.

Build process:

Although we didn’t have many hiccups during the build process, if there was anything we were uncertain about and wanted to check, Behan was just a phone call or SMS away. This sense of security and validation is invaluable if you have not built before! The builders (Progen Homes) also built the home in 10 months and were great to deal with every step of the way.

Supplier contacts:

IBA also had contacts for trades, services which were really convenient as we didn’t need to do our own research finding the right suppliers. Behan’s contacts were already validated and had good pricing. We got a great deal on our fridge and dishwasher, as well as a custom wardrobe fit out and all our building inspections – and all the suppliers were fantastic to deal with.

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