Professional guidance to turn your dream into reality. We are experts in custom design, finding the right builders, and guiding you in avoiding mistakes. 

We make building clear, exciting and rewarding.

We remove the guesswork and make the building process as seamless as possible. We design your home to be remarkable, guide you on prices, shortlist Perth’s best builders, identify and navigate potential issues. We stay with you through the entire process. 

Chat to IBA before engaging and architect or builder and BUILD WITH CONFIDENCE.

Our Services

Three ways we help create your dream home.

Unparalleled custom home designs just for you.

We take a detailed brief, ask insightful and intuitive questions to design your perfect home, specifically for your lifestyle and budget. We work with you to uncover your desires, needs and wants, guiding you all the way to a great outcome. 

Independent and unbiased advice to give you the best outcomes.

We are independent and unbiased – we reveal what the builders may not. We use out decades of building industry experience and building over a thousand homes to help you understand contracts, anticipate costs, and explore options, empowering you to make the best decisions for your home.

Connect with the best builders for your project.

IBA meticulously chooses the builders it collaborates with, utilising our extensive industry knowledge to select the best. We regularly work with 21 builders who meet our strict 7-point criteria. 

Together, we select three builders best aligned to meet your building needs and arrange quotes for comparison.

What we do: Your Vision, Our Mission

Imagine crafting your dream home, free from the usual headaches and horror stories.

That’s what we offer at Independent Building Advice (IBA). Our service guides you through the intricate realm of home construction, smoothly directing you through the minefield to great results. With over two decades of experience and more than a thousand homes under our belt, we’ve mastered the art of steering clear of pitfalls.

Our team is your personal design and building consultant, working independently from builders to tailor expert advice perfectly suited to your unique situation. We’re fluent in the language of construction, from design finesse to decoding builder speak, crunching numbers to council codes, and orchestrating the entire process to sync with your vision.

The best part? Partnering with us won’t add a cent to your budget compared to going straight to a builder. Let’s construct your perfect home together, seamlessly.

What our clients say about us...

It has been just over a year since we first started working with IBA and we have just moved into our amazing new custom home. IBA’s mission is to make building a good experience, and after going through the whole journey start to end with IBA, we can confidently say this has been true for us. 

Why we engaged IBA:
We knew we were not building experts, despite the significant amount of research we did ourselves. This is why we engaged IBA to guide us through our building journey as a third party advisor. Behan knows the industry inside out, and was an invaluable source to sense check any uncertainties with. 

Home design:

Behan did our home design, and included many of our lifestyle preferences and factors. The design process was great, with a healthy amount of challenging to keep us honest and reasonable, not to mention the design was done in a way to reduce building costs with clever tricks. We’re now living in this design for over a week, and very happy with the personalised result. 

Build tender:

IBA tendered and obtained 3 building quotes to us. These were presented like for like in terms of specification of the same design so that it would be comparable. However, based on working with us as clients and level of detail and service we desired, he recommended the builder he thought to be the best fit for us – one we had never heard of before. This builder was not the cheapest option, but ended up being a great fit for us. 

Build process:

Although we didn’t have many hiccups during the build process, if there was anything we were uncertain about and wanted to check, Behan was just a phone call or SMS away. This sense of security and validation is invaluable if you have not built before! The builders (Progen Homes) also built the home in 10 months and were great to deal with every step of the way.

Supplier contacts:

IBA also had contacts for trades, services which were really convenient as we didn’t need to do our own research finding the right suppliers. Behans contacts were already validated and had good pricing. We got a great deal on our fridge and dishwasher, as well as a custom wardrobe fit out and all our building inspections – and all the suppliers were fantastic to deal with. 

Overall we had a great building experience and I would build again, but only with IBA in our corner. Highly recommended – it’s worth it! We are very happy!

Angus and Liz in Stirling

I was referred to Independent Building Advice by a friend who had previously used the service. I made my initial contact with Behan over a simple phone call, since then my experience has been wonderful! My husband and I were first home buyers that were naive to the industry, not knowing where to begin! We were very fortunate to have Behan’s expert advice to assist us in our decision making. He listened to our needs and understood the assignment, providing suggestions in our best interest. We have now purchased our first house & land package and we couldn’t be more grateful for his assistance in starting up the process. I would highly recommend the service to my friends and family.

I have always been hesitant to build as I’ve heard so many horror stories of dodgy builders and dodgy houses. I’ve spoken to builder sales reps and I always feel like I’m getting the hard sale.
We were introduced to Independent Building Advice as an alternative to going directly through a builder.

IBA designed a home for us, then they got quotes from quality, reputable builders for us and then guided us in choosing the builder – then the stepped us through the whole process and contracts. There was no hard sale from a sales rep, we didn’t feel bamboozled by jargon and were clear exactly what we were getting.

He thought about things I wouldn’t even think about – direction of the sun, increasing the ceiling height and the door height, the thickness of the insulation padding, window heights to accommodate furniture and things that impact resale. He really knows about building.

Behan took us to look at land, walked us through different build types and showed us what we were getting.
He walked us through the costs, the contracts, the little extras, where to place lights and PowerPoints.
Behan actually worked for us – he was honest and gave us options and help our hand through the process. We had choices in builders and our own design!
Really recommend IBA and Behan is amazing.


I am a small business owner and very time poor.
Behan at Independent Building Advice took care of every detail regarding the build of my home.
The service I experienced was extremely professional, reliable and honest.
I would recommend the services of this company to anyone considering building. I would have no hesitation in using Independent Building Services for my next building venture.

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How we operate

1) We passionately design your home with a focus on outstanding results.

When it comes to designing your home, we don’t just take orders. We actively get involved, providing feedback and guidance to ensure you achieve the best results for you.

We create a concept design and go back and forth with variations until you’re happy with the design. 

We take into account  functionality, spaciousness, energy-efficiency, style, optimal land use, flow and designer features.

As our final goal is not just to design you a superb home, we are also budget conscious. We will keep you on track to meet your price goals.

We help you select the right inclusions upfront, to avoid price blows outs late.

We identify hidden expenses, and potential issues so you know what you are getting into.

Access discounts from a variety of suppliers.

2) We guide you in avoiding 99% of the problems people make.

Our policy is that the best problem is the one avoided. With decades of experience, there is rarely a problem we cannot foresee.

We will guide you in avoiding delays, hidden costs, design mistakes, budget blowouts, and more. We will make things clear: costs, builder lingo, council requirements, processes, and most importantly, how to make it all work for you.

We handpick our builders to meet our strict 7-point criteria. They must be financially secure, offer fixed and competitive prices, have good build times, deliver quality construction, communicate well, and most importantly, be builders we’d trust with our own homes.

We work closely with 21 builders who we feel deliver great results. We shortlist the best of them for your project, obtain 1-3 quotes, compare them, and you pick the one you like the best.

3) We are by your side to help and support from start to finish.

Once you have chosen the best builder for you, you sign and pay a deposit.

We stay with you to make sure everything goes smoothly. We check prices, plans, and documents to ensure accuracy.

When the contracts come out, it can be overwhelming. We review them, break them into bite-sized chunks, and make sure your clear on what everything means.

Ideally, there should be minimal issues, but if any problems arise, we are there to help you solve them.

We provide continuous support until your home is complete, ensuring a smooth and successful building process.

We offer building inspections to check your home for any issues that may arise, providing you with peace of mind. 

Our Services


Custom Home Design


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Building Inspections

Need Advice and Guidance?

We are passionate about helping people build hassle free homes. We have a variety of services, which include, third party advice, Building Inspections, design feedback & more.

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We understand what makes a design great, what things cost, builder lingo, the councils, the system, the processes and most importantly how to make it all work for you. 

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