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A building broker works similar to a finance broker but with builders, we don’t represent one builder but several.  The idea is to provide you with unbiased advice on what is best for you. The advisor is flexible in choosing the right builder for your project. With Independent Building Advice (IBA) we regularly use 14

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How to Solar Orientate Your Home

How to Solar Orientate your home.  When it comes to designing your home, solar orientation can make the world of difference. In this post we will show you how to get the optimum results. In the video we explain how Solar Orientation works and how to get the best results.  Please note we are specifically

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Too busy to build?

Are you thinking of building a home but feel life is just too busy? The thought of designing a home, choosing a builder, selecting inclusions and colours just seems too crazy for your life right now? Well you are not alone!!! That is why people use Independent Building Advice (IBA) we work for you to

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