Pros and cons of master bedroom location.

When building a home, the master bedroom location is one of the most important decisions to make.

Where is the best place to locate the master bedroom. Is it better at the front of the home, rear or middle?

Depending on your lifestyle the correct decisions can vary.

Here are our thoughts.

Master bedroom Front

• You have may have a nice outlook from your bedroom to the street.
• Street surveillance
• You are away from the back of the home where people entertain.
• Short walk from where you enter the home.
• Is the most common layout.
• Usually, a good distance from entertaining areas in the home.
• Distances you away from minor bedrooms (if you want to be)
• Security, as you hear anyone accessing the property.
• You can hear noise from the street.
• Street lights could potentially bother you.
• Most break ins happen at the rear of the home you may not hear them.
• Your privacy is reduced as guests visiting will have to walk past it.
• On narrow lots the bedroom size can be compromised due to little space.
• You may need to close the curtains when changing.

Master bedroom at the rear

• You have a great view of your backyard.
• You are a long way from the front, so no street noise.
• You can have access to the backyard and potentially have an parent’s retreat.
• If you have a pool, you can have a quick dip in the morning.
• Can give you a resort feel.
• If someone breaks in, they normally do it at the rear, so you may hear them.
• Neighbours entertaining in their backyards could be right next to your bedroom.
• You are a long way from the front, so any front break-ins may be missed.
• It can be a long walk from the garage at the back.
• You may have little privacy from the other rooms at the rear.
• You may get worried about young kids if they are the front of the home.

Master bedroom in the middle

• The room is close to everything. You can hear the kids, they can get to you and you to them, you can sneak a quick snack form the kitchen. It is all very convenient
• You don’t have the noise and lights of the front of the home.
• You don’t have the noise of the neighbours that are entertaining in their alfrescos at the rear.
• The bedroom can have a little private area off it.
• Convenient access to room from garage.
• Great for security as you can hear all around the home.
• The room is central to everything so noise from other people may disturb you.
• Your bedroom might be looking out to a boring fence.
• You may not be far enough away from the kids.
• You have a higher chance of hearing tv’s from other rooms.
• You may have limited privacy from guests walking past the room.

Our picks for best master bedroom location.

We feel the best place for a master bedroom is towards the front of the home but not at the front.

Tucked behind the garage or study works well. This means that you have the connivence of being near the garage to drop things off, you don’t have the lights and noise of the street, you don’t have to worry about neighbours’ noise and the rooms are far enough from the kids and living areas that you can enjoy some peace and quiet.
*Disclaimer – every block and owners’ requirements are different. We are basing our opinion on a single storey home on a 15m x 30 block.
Hot tip – If you do have it near the study and you have young kids this can double as a nursey while they are young and then you can change it to a study, parents retreat or an amazing dressing room.

What are your thoughts? Did we get it right

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