What is a building broker?

A building broker works independent of builders helping clients find the right builder for their project.

A proper building broker works independent of builders to  works similar to a finance broker but with builders, we don’t represent one builder but several.  The idea is to provide you with unbiased advice on what is best for you. The advisor is flexible in choosing the right builder for your project. 

With Independent Building Advice (IBA) we regularly use 14 different builders.

As we work independent of builders we can provide you with right advice on design, building methods and inclusions. We shortlist multiple builders and get multiple quotes for you to compare.

We also provide you with tips and ideas to get the best results all the way through construction.

As we work for you not the builder we will save time, money and stress. 

It costs no more to use IBA than it does to go directly to a builder. 

Building or renovating can be like navigating treacherous waters. There is so much to consider in order to get great results but sadly most people try to guess their way through it. 

We can be the lighthouse for your journey.

Things to consider when building

Choosing the right builder is difficult. Most of the big ones have multimillion dollar marketing budgets telling you they are the best in lots of different ways.

The sales people are on big commissions so most will tell you what you want to hear to win your business. They can’t all be the best. So which do you choose?

Different ways people buy homes

Usual Way

Using an Architect

Building with IBA

What do you do? 

You get Independent Building Advice in to give you the right information.

We remove the guesswork and give you unbiased advice to get the right design (on budget), with the right builder. Saving you time, money and stress. 

We cost no more than going directly to a builder, but we will save you time, money and headaches.  

When you get the right advice you will have a smooth process. We always try to avoid problems before they occur but are great at fixing them if they arise. 

The key is to listen to the right people.