How we choose
our builders

We work with 21 carefully selected builders who we know and trust. 

Independent Building Advice is very selective when we partner with builders. We don't simply Google local builders, it is hard to get into our circle of trust.

Being completely independent of builders allows us the flexibility to choose the best!!! We are in no way biased to one builder over another. We shortlist builders that we know are good and put them into a pool to recommend. 

IBA works closely with 14 – 20 Perth builders at any one time.  Of these we refer 1-3 for any given project. The builders we recommend depend on the scope.  Projects vary between big jobs, small, renovations, extensions and new homes. We are regularly contacted by builders requesting us to refer them business but we are hesitant until we have done our due diligence first.  

IBA building partners must meet ALL 7 criteria listed below.

Builders must meet ALL criteria

Explanations on each criteria below

Our process for checking on builders.

We cut through the noise of social media, marketing etc and get the information from the source.

We monitor how many homes they are signing and putting to site using the Cordell Report to make sure they are not taking on more than they can handle.

We by-pass the sales people and get direct access to the Owner, General Manager or Sales Manager.

We let the builder know they are competing against other builders, they just don't know who. This gets the best price the first time.

We can speak with current and past clients building with them, to hear first-hand about their experience.

That they allow independent building inspectors to check the home's quality. 

We speak to suppliers to see how quickly they pay their bills.

Explanations on each of the 7 criteria

Good people to work with

Building is a long journey and you need to get on with the people putting it all together for you.

Decent built times

There is nothing worse, when there are huge delays with building a home, this can be due to the builder taking on more work than they can handle, unable to secure agreements with suppliers or a lack or trades.

Taking on more work than they can handle, unable to secure agreements with suppliers or a lack or trades.

We choose builders who have only taken on what they can handle and have their act together when it comes to building.

Good quality workmanship

Great design and inclusions are irrelevant with a badly built home. You can have the worlds best stone tops but no one will notice if you have a 4mm crack down the wall. Our building partners need to have a history of great quality and an attitude of “would I accept that on my own home”

Your IBA consultant is with you to hand over so we will help you navigate this if there was an issue. 

High level of service and communication

Good service and communication is not truly appreciated until it’s missing. This often causes the most stress and frustration.

Good Service is the builder being flexible, happy to help and proactive with advice.

Good communication is regular updates and explaining of terms and processes. 

Solid financial position

The builder has good cash flow and deep enough pockets to keep afloat. Although builders don’t show us their financials, we talk to suppliers to see if the builder pays on time, we watch how quickly the homes are being built to see if they are paying their trades and talk to the builders about how they are funded.

Fixed prices

This is when the builder fixes the price from preliminary agreement right through to sign up without the price changing (except provisional sum items).

There are three ways to price your home.

Fixed Price, Cost Plus, Sneaky Fixed Price (with the intention to price rise you).

Fixed Price means that the builder will give you a price that they will stick to provided there isn’t an unforeseen delay.

Cost Plus, the worst thing to do in the current market. This is what ever the cost is plus the builder’s margin. Such as Cost Plus 20%. The reason this is bad is the builder can just pass on any increase to you with little to no accountability.

Lastly, is when a builder says it’s a fixed price for a period of time but purposely delays the home past the price hold and then passes on the increase to you. In these cases the price is normally cheaper than the competitors at the start but ultimately more expensive.

We insist all of our builders are Fixed Price.

Well priced

This is when the home is competitively priced and therefore good value for money.

Often builders charge a premium because they are a household name, they have negotiated poorly with suppliers and trades, trying make a premium on the build or they simply don’t want the work and charge a higher margin to make it worth their while.

We don’t tell our builders your budget but we do tell them they are competing with other builders, however we don’t share whom. 

We use the right builders for the right project. If we have a builder that is constantly coming in more expensive than others we will cease to use them. So you will get the best price from the builders every time.

At the end of the day we are looking for the best combination of all of the above not just good in one area and poor in another.

The most important thing we look for in a builder is their care factor for their clients.

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