First Time Building

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Building a home doesn’t need to blow the budget. It is about knowing where to buy and what to buy so your first place is a great home. We show you how. 

Take our Course

Empower yourself by taking our online course and becoming an expert. Learn what to buy, where and how it all works. You will know more than most sales people. 

Being a first homebuyer can be daunting and nerve racking or it can be an absolute breeze.

What makes the difference is the help you get from the start.

Independent Building Advice is more interested in helping you make the right choices than trying to sell you something.

IBA's Steps to Buying your first home

Step One

We help you find the right finance option that doesn’t blow your budget and affordable each week. There is no point designing  the world best home if it’s not affordable. 

Step Two

We guide you as to the best areas to get into and then design your home so you love it but also making sure it’s a good investment. 

Step three

We get multiple builders to quote for the property to make sure you are getting the best price and quality. We stay with you to guide you through to getting the keys. 

Online First homebuyers tutorial 

Empower yourself with need to know building knowledge by taking our specially designed course to help first home buyers build and love it.

Buying your first home is like jumping out of aeroplane for the first time. It is nerve racking while you are doing it but once you make the jump you will be glad you did.

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