Bigger Home

More space

When your family grows the space you need also must grow.  People need their own areas to relax or entertain. So you can live well.  

More rooms

Everyone has their own hobbies and ways of living. Your old home just isn’t big enough anymore for your evolving family.

When it comes to building a home its important to cater for today and years to come. We look at designing homes that cater for your interests, the kids interests, entertaining, watching movies, enjoying the outdoors and BBQs.

First thing-  think about rooms you want in the home. Then consider where to place them. 

  • Double, triple, quadruple garage?
  • How many bedrooms?
  • How many bathrooms?
  • Big kitchen, scullery?
  • Games room
  • Home theatre
  • Huge alfresco 
  • Kids Activity
  • Study 
  • More

IBA's Steps to Renovating

Step One

We custom design your home to suit your lifestyle. You go back forth tweaking it until you are 100% happy with the design. The bigger the home, the cheaper it is per sqm. 

Step Two

From here we go to multiple builders and negotiate the best price, quality and service for your home. We present 3 and recommend one. We guide, you decide. 

Step three

Then we stay with you right through to key handover making sure you have a great experience. our goal is to avoid mistakes rather than fix them

How We save You money building!

Our customers usually save between $10,000 – $50,000, here is how…

Access to IBA discounts

Gain access to our ever growing list of suppliers where you get discounts some as high as 30%. Suppliers includes flooring, appliances, pools and more. 

Multiple Builder Quotes

We tender your design to a shortlist of the best builders to compare the price like for like making sure you are getting true value for money. 

Efficient Designs

IBA designs are expertly created to maximise space but use materials effectively. Our goal is more home with less wasted space through clever design.

Builder Saves, you save

We save the builder money by reducing their cost per sale, saving them cost on design, less staff etc. In turn they pass these saving onto you. 

Skip the sales person

The sales persons job is to sell you a home. For this they get a 4-5% commission. With IBA we skip the sales person and go directly to the builder. 

We negotiate the price

Our builders know they in a tender process and need to sharpen their pencil to be in the running. So we keep them accountable and affordable.  

Finding a Builder
How IBA selects builders

Choosing a builder will either make or break your experience and outcome. For most people finding the right one can be a very difficult task. Big brands have multi-million dollar budgets telling they are the best… but are they? Forums and review sites are unreliable and friends and family can only go on their limited experience with recommendations. 

This is why people use IBA as third party unbiased referrers. 

With 20 years building industry experience we have an inside knowledge of how a lot of builders really work. We know which ones really care about their clients, which ones over charge because of a their name, the ones that are only about making money, the ones that have no care at all and the ones that want the best for you and will go above and beyond to achieve it. We can see past the millions of dollars spent on marketing, the review sites and Shonky Builder Groups and get to the true heart of the builder.

The people make the builder, and our relationships with builders makes IBA. There is 150 people involved in building a home. This ranges from designers, admins staff, estimators, trades, shire people and more. We look at the leadership of the businesses, who runs the show. Are they good people? Are they passionate about building? What is there relationship with their clients? What do their current clients and past clients say about them? This is information you will not find on their website and only through insight and relationships do we feel comfortable to put them forward.

Building a home is more than price and inclusions (although these are important) this is a home built by humans for passionate clients. We look for the extra services that become really important throughout the process. We look at how the builder communicates. Do they allow you to make changes in construction. Do you get the supervisors direct number, do they have interior designers, what are the home to supervisor ratios, what guarantees do they offer etc. Will they be proactive in helping you have a great outcome or passive. We ask the questions that most people don’t think to ask.

It is important to get value for money. If your budget is fixed then you want to get the best home, inclusions and price for your budget. At the same time, you don’t want low quality. No one will notice your awesome kitchen if you have a 3mm crack down the wall. Being on a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to have low quality. It means you need a builder that has the right balance of inclusions, workmanship, service and price. We put forward the right builder for the right project. To come in on budget but also deliver a great home.