Why Use IBA to
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Get expert help and avoid...

We have decades of experience in building and design with a thorough knowledge of different builders, building methods, processes, shire requirements, prices and more.

Now you can have all of that experience working for you!!!

You don't need to have a bad experience building just because others have, you can cut through the puss and pain and have an expert guide you through it.

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We have decades of building experience on design, specification items, building process shire approvals, prices and more. Now you can have of that experience working for you.

Independent Building Advice helps you navigate the difficulties of building and renovating by providing expert advice that works for you not the builder.

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When you are sick you get a doctor When you go to court you get a lawyer
When your car breaks down go to a mechanic
When you climb Mt Everest get a Sherpa.

When you build your home... use IBA.

Why so many people have trouble building

Common Design Mistakes

They Chose The Wrong Builder

Listened to the wrong advice

They lose their way

The wrong sales consultant

The Solution is Independent Building Advice

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