6 Australian bed sizes you need to know

6 bed sizes you need to know when designing your new home or renovation.

When you build or renovate your home it is important to make sure your room sizes are the right size. 

One of the big factors here is the bedroom size the bed that you are putting in there. Are you planning for a single, double, bunks, kings etc. Consider todays needs but also down the track or if it is for investment future occupiers. 

When you are looking at rooms and designing a home it is important to decide where furniture is to be placed and more importantly will it actually fit. 

You should consider a few things, bed size, does it have a bed frame, bed head etc. Will you have a side table for a lamp, clock etc. Lastly, will you have enough space to walk around the home bed to get to the robe. 

Below is a list of bed sizes that will give you a good indication of what area is required. This is for a normal sized bed. So allow extra for frames or unusually sized beds. If you are unsure we recommend that you measure just to be sure. 

·      Single Bed Size

·       92 cm x 187 cm

·      Single Extra Long Size

·       92 cm x 203 cm

·      King Single Size

·      106 cm x 203 cm

·      Double Size

·      137 cm x 187 cm

·      Queen Size

·      153 cm x 203 cm

·      King Size

·      183 cm x 203 cm

If would like help designing your home or want some design feedback, then reach out and chat to us about your home. 

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