Why use IBA

How we make building and renovating clearer, easier, better and more fun.

We work independently of builders to give you clear, unbiased advice that is in your best interests. We help you budget, design, choose the right builder and guide from start to finish for the best results.

The 9 main reasons people have so much trouble
building and renovating.

  1. They don’t know what they are doing. They have busy lives and have never done this before. They guess their way through or ask their friends and family for help who may have very limited experience themselves.
  2. They go to directly to “experts” such as  architects, sales people, builders etc for advice but these people have very specific knowledge. Architects can design but are often blow a budget but 30-100%. Builders know costs but struggle with design, sales people will say whatever to get the commission.
  3. They sign up with the wrong builder as the sales person was nice, or they liked the design, or they look online and saw some good reviews or pretty marketing. However the builder was all about the money and not about caring.
  4. They have don’t know what all the costs are. The sales person gives limited information to make it seem affordable but there are hidden cost after hidden cost.
  5. People love a part of a plan but when its finished it just not functional, furnishable or just doesn’t work or doesn’t really work for their lifestyle.
  6. They design a home with an architect or designer that is way over their budget. When they get the prices, they fall off their chair. Then they are in a position of having to pull back and no longer “love” their design or they over extend budget or they bin the project and have just wasted the money.
  7. They go with the wrong builder and have huge delays, price blow outs, bad construction, bad service and more.
  8. They can’t read a plan and not sure what they are signing. Only to regret the decisions later. 
  9. The building industry is very loose with its regulations. Builders can get away with a lot legally which is not good. 

The IBA solution to the problem

Independent Building Advice (IBA) works independently of the builders, which means we are unbiased on builder choice and not bound by their perspective, policies, build methods, restrictions etc. We look at your unique situation and pair you up with the best options for you.

IBA’s Founder/Director has more than 20+ years experience in the building industry working in high executive positions to face to face consultation with clients. Directly building over 1000+ homes and indirectly building over 10 thousand. This background gives IBA a unique perspective on how the industry thinks and operates. We know the people behind the brands, how many homes they build, who cares about you and who is just looking at the bottom line. We can look past the marketing and online comments and get to the heart of the builders.

IBA has a great team of builders, designs, architects and consultants who know a lot about everything in building. The best way to think about us is a medical GP. They know about most things but if they need a specialist, they will refer out to them. That what we do. We are the missing piece that makes it all come together smoothly.  

We are like a “Jack Of All Trades” as the saying goes. “A Jack of all trades is a master of none, but often times better than a master of one”.

Best of all, in most cases our services will not cost you anything. 

Are you looking to

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Hire an Advisor

The steps of building with IBA?

#1 – We meet for a coffee to chat about your home and what is involved.

We discuss the process, costs, timeframes, what is involved, share design ideas and how we can make your vision a reality. This is completely complementary and no obligation to proceed past this point.

#2 - We design your home using our expert panel of designers.

We design your home using our expert panel of designers. We present the plans back to you with our recommendations and seeking your input. We amend the plans and repeat. This continues back and forth until you are happy with the plans. We guide you to keep on budget throughout this whole process.

#3 – We shortlist builders with your input and usually get 2-3 quotes from the selected builders.

We then present the quotes with a comparison spreadsheet that helps compare apples with apples. IBA goes through a thorough process of selecting builders using our industry knowledge. We will only put forward builders we would build with ourselves.  

#4 – We stay with you from start to key hand over.

We don’t just and you over, we stay with you helping you avoid problems along your journey.  If a problem does arise we are there to help you handle them. 95% of problems that can occur we avoid upfront by designing and advising you properly.

Your results to expect building through IBA?

Your home will look and feels great. You would have avoided going through trial and error to get the home right and would have had the confidence that you are on track, as you have an expert guiding you throughout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course we can! Feel free to send me an email with your question or book a 30 minute Zoom chat with me to discuss your home. 

Our Design and Tender (Building Broker) service is the most popular. As you get help from the start to finish. 

However, if you are not sure send us a text, email or just call and we work through how we best assist you. 

Yes we can definitely help. We can give you some feedback on the layout as well as help you find the right builder. 

We have a panel of designers and architects that we use regularly.  We will select the right one for your home project. Our process is we catch up with you and create a good design brief and guide you but the home is designed by specialists who make sure it looks amazing and compliant. 

Email, text or call us with your question and we see how we can assist. 

What our clients say...

I was referred to Independent Building Advice by a friend who had previously used the service. I made my initial contact with Behan over a simple phone call, since then my experience has been wonderful! My husband and I were first home buyers that were naive to the industry, not knowing where to begin! We were very fortunate to have Behan’s expert advice to assist us in our decision making. He listened to our needs and understood the assignment, providing suggestions in our best interest. We have now purchased our first house & land package and we couldn’t be more grateful for his assistance in starting up the process. I would highly recommend the service to my friends and family.  Ebony and Mila Building in Alkimos 

Behan has been an invaluable asset to building our new home here in Perth, WA. IBA was the answer to our prayers after months of searching through display homes, project builders and sales calls.

I would recommend him to anyone looking for a helping hand starting their own home building journey.  Liz and Angus Building in Stirling

Behan assisted us in the lead up and during the build of our house. He is a wealth of knowledge and always lead us to various options, removed overwhelm and gave detailed explanations where required.

Nothing was too much trouble, and Behan would provide solutions (in a timely manner at that) when we felt stuck or frustrated- which was the case many times during the process.

We felt confident after every conversation due to Behan’s years of industry experience and understanding of our needs. He was in our corner every step of the way.

Thanks mate for helping us get into our beautiful new home, can’t thank you enough. No hesitation in recommending Behan and Independent Building Advice! Jerome and Emma Building in Balcatta

I am a small business owner and very time poor.
Behan at Independent Building Advice took care of every detail regarding the build of my home.
The service I experienced was extremely professional, reliable and honest.
I would recommend the services of this company to anyone considering building. I would have no hesitation in using Independent Building Services for my next building venture. Stephen Building in Bennett Springs

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